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MACA PREMIUM (Physical, Mental and Sexual Energizing)
MACA PREMIUM (Physical, Mental and Sexual Energizing)

Increases Libido, Fertility, Sexual Potency in men and women, Supplement for diverse sports. Supports the process of bone calcification, augmenting bone density.Bottle: 90 caps (500 mg). 100% Natural. Maca is a plant original from Peruvian Andes. It is known from times of the Inca Empire for its nutritional value.


- Excellent Invigorator and Natural Energizer

- Improves Physical and Mental Energy.

- Increases Libido and Sexual Desire.

- Improves the quality of seminal liquid, augments semen production, improving their vitality and motility.

- Increases Fertility in men and women.

- Elevates vim and Physical Stamina

- Supplement for diverse sports.

- Stimulates the Immune System.

- Consumption of Maca produces a “general sense of well being”.



Scientific Name: Lepidium Meyenii

It belongs to the Crucifer family. It is an herbaceous plant of approximately 30cm in height; its leaves are green and grow in the upper part of the tuber. Maca has a tuber that ranges in color from yellowish to light purple, violet to black. It is very similar in shape to a turnip, from 1 to 3 cm. in length and 1 to 5 cm in diameter. 


Brand Name: ALPHA NATURA, but also we can offer the option of Private Label.

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